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Soils Testing Services



Southeast GeoGroup Inc. provides a full range of soil testing services for commercial or residential site investigations, including:


  • Hand auger borings

  • Solid flight auger borings

  • Hollow-stem auger borings

  • Direct-push soil sampling

  • Thin-walled (Shelby tube) soil sampling at discrete depths

  • Classification of fill material

  • Compaction testing of fill and natural soils

  • Standard Penetration Test (SPT) testing

  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) testing

  • Seasonal high groundwater determination

  • Cased falling-head piezometer testing for horizontal soil infiltration rates

  • Double Ring Infiltrometer (DRI) testing for vertical soil infiltration rates

  • Laboratory Permeameter testing

  • Asphalt design and testing

  • Stormwater pond geotechnical testing

  • Seasonal high groundwater determination borings

  • Flood letters and Flood Level Determinations

Simco Rig with Mud Auger Capability
Split Spoon Soil Samples
Shelby Tube Soil Samples
Laboratory Testing Services



Southeast GeoGroup Inc. has a full service laboratory offering the following soil testing services:


  • Modified Proctor

  • Standard Proctor

  • Organic Content Analysis

  • Natural Moisture Analysis

  • Minus 200 (-200) Wash Sieve Analysis

  • Full Sieve Analysis (Soil classification via Unified Soil Classification System and AASHTO)

  • Limerock Bearing Ratio (LBR)

  • Sieve Analysis for FL DOT 902-4 Filter Sand Specifications

  • Variable Head Permeability Lab Testing (conducted on 3" soil Shelby tube samples)

  • Dry and Wet Unit Weight of in-place soils (lbs/ft3)

  • Grain Size Analysis

  • Soil Plasticity Testing

  • Atterberg Limits

Commercial & Residential
Testing Services


Southeast GeoGroup Inc. provides residential soil borings for both residential and commercial structures.  The number of borings required depends on the size (footprint) of the proposed structure.  For residential construction, borings are usually conducted to a depth of ten (10) feet in order to provide a general indication of soils that are present at the tested areas. 


Typical items of concern include:

  • Shallow groundwater in upper five-feet of boring(s)

  • Voids or very soft conditions encountered within the limits of the boring(s)

  • Buried organic material or heavy anthropogenic debris

  • Fat clay or elastic silt, locally called "Pipe Clay"


In addition to soil borings, commercial sites may also require testing on the natural, in-place soils to determine if "loose" conditions are presence with regard to the soil’s resistance to loading.  This testing is performed using the Standard Penetration Test (SPT) or Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) testing.


During construction, we perform soil compaction testing on any fill material brought to the building footprint area to build up the pad, on fill material brought into the footer areas, and/or fill placed within a block-stem wall foundation or on a monolithic slab.  We also test the compaction of material (fill) for water main.


Southeast GeoGroup Inc. provides Flood Elevation Determination Letters (Flood Letters) of the most probable 100-year base flood elevation for the parcel, for both house sites and commercial construction as required by permitting agencies.  We also provide drainage studies on projects ranging from individual residential sites to localized basin studies for stormwater models and calculations.

Hand auger soil borings
Concrete core sampling
Environmental testing
Environmental Services


Southeast GeoGroup Inc. conducts Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) in accordance with ASTM Standards E1527 and E2247. The general purpose of the Phase I ESA is to identify RECs or recognized environmental conditions that may affect the sale or use of a property.  Southeast GeoGroup also offers a full line of environmental engineering services in conjunction with our sister company, Magnolia Engineering. 

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